CMZ and TDT join forces in the Midlands and North of England


TDT Machine Tools Limited today announce we have joined forces with CMZ to offer a quality range of European built lathes.

CMZ have been building machine tools since 1945 and now ship over 500 lathes per year from their factories in the north of Spain. CMZ is becoming more recognized as a quality lathe builder and the last 3 years growth of 7%, 16%, 23% shows the popularity of the CMZ lathe is growing.

Machines are built for stock but if you need a specification tailored to your exact requirements, lead times are surprisingly short and the machine only takes a week to travel to the UK compared with the five weeks from far east.

Check out the CMZ video channel for information on all of their machines.

CMZ YouTube Channel

The lathes on offer start from 2 axis lathes to turning centres with two and three turrets all with Y axis. The TX and TTL range are the flagship models.


CMZ TX series

CMZ TX series


The lathe consists of two turrets, both being able to work in the two spindles; both of them can be configured with live tooling and Y axis. It also has a sub-spindle that can move vertically and horizontally (X3, Z3). This last function makes possible to turn with three tools simultaneously, being able to reduce cycle time. Additionally, the TTL offers other interesting accessories for different types of industries; the lathe can be equipped with a tailstock over the sub-spindle which allows to machine long parts in the main spindle while the lower turret is finishing the part in the sub-spindle which makes it ideal for shaft machining.


CMZ TTL Serie_DE_V0-2

CMZ TTL Series


CMZ TTL Series internal


CMZ are unique in that they also have their own service division based in the UK. With headquarters in Rugby up the road from TDT, CMZ lathes are installed and maintained by CMZ employed UK based engineers.

TDT will represent CMZ coast to coast from Wales, West Midlands and East Midlands also taking in Hereford and Worcester and as far north as Sheffield and Doncaster.

Keep an eye out on our website as we introduce each machine in the CMZ range including the industry 4.0 developments and gantry loading automation which leaves robot loading standing!!