You Ji VTL new guarding

New Guarding on You Ji VTLs for 2021

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You Ji have been working hard to update their guarding across the whole machine range with the VTLs now getting their makeover. On large vertical lathes, this isn't a 5 minute job on a CAD system. A lot of R&D has to go into new guarding…
You Ji linkedin

You Ji large capacity lathes and borers in stock and ready to ship.

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Taiwanese machine tool builder You Ji, is the largest manufacturer of vertical lathes worldwide but little do people know, You Ji also make Horizontal borers and oil county style lathes. All year round, machines are built to order and…

TDT Machine Tools will be on BT-Sports Friday night!!

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If you like your Rugby, you may be watching the European Challenge Cup Final, TDT will be 'right behind' Leicester Tigers Friday night, look out for us on their shorts. TDT have been partnering Leicester Tigers for 8 years and our team have…
CMZ TTL Lathe Nude TDT

Configure your new CMZ lathe online

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THE TTL IS UNIQUE AND IT'S OUR LATHE OF THE MONTH CONFIGURE YOUR TTL ONLINE It has no belts, it consists of 8 integrated motors, turrets with 12,000 rpm driven tools, integrated spindles with synchronous motors that reduce the acceleration…
full CNC capacity

Don't get caught short of capacity. Strong rebound for UK economy.

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The UK is on target for its largest annual growth since 1941, A strong bounce back after such a destructive 2020 was inevitable but even the most conservative of economists are revising their figures for the UK recovery. Through 2020 and early…
Lagun BM 4 universal bed mill ball bar TDT

Caledon Precision Up and Running With Second Lagun

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Following on from our previous post (another-lagun-bm-4-bed-mill-arrives-in-the-uk) TDT have successfully completed the installation of the Lagun BM 4 at Caledon Precision Engineering, Co. Tyrone. The purchase of a second Lagun bedmill…