Rail Wheel Turning Booming for You Ji

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You Ji, Taiwan's largest and leading vertical lathe manufacturer has seen a massive increase in sales and installations in the Railway Wheel Turning market during the last twelve months. During the pandemic the usually buoyant Oil and Gas…
Kafo BMC-4122 Double Column Install

3 week Kafo install into a 2 minute video

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End of October 2019, TDT machine Tools are on their second Kafo machine installation of the month. Since the last Kafo time-lapse video was published, we have been asked to show another machine in build in more detail. Larkhill Engineering…
Tecnomagnete mill-tec

Tecnomagnete workholding 5mm x 120mm cut in high alloy steel

Using Mill-Tec GRIP 310 workholding, a Kafo KMC double column machining centre cuts through high alloy steel, 5mm depth of cut by approx 120mm wide with ease. The component is held to the table by magnetic force only. Scroll down to see…
kafo kmc head

Kafo KMC-3127 Install and Time Lapse Video

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Another successful installation of a Kafo double column machining centre with Technomagnete workholding. For more information on this machine and to see a time lapse video of the installation, watch the video below as Tim talks through the…

IMT Intermato WR3-T2 Vertical Lathe, Twin Spindle and Automation - Video

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The IMT WR3-T2 brings the most modern technology of vertical self loading production lathes. Flexibility for loading/unloading system, the reactivity and the short strokes always in work, the reduction of idle time, makes this machine the most…

Upgraded Kafo KFO 620 5AX Machining Centre - Video

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Kafo demonstrates the updated KFO 620 5AX at Stuttgart AMB 2018   A travelling-column structure machining centre with trunion 4th and 5th axis, a working envelope of 620 x 520 x 460mm, heavy-duty roller-type linear guideways. The…