Another Successful Kafo Double Column Installation

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Kafo Tecnomagnete KMC TDT CNC Double column  Kafo Tecnomagnete KMC TDT CNC Double column

Kafo Tecnomagnete KMC TDT CNC Double column



TDT Machine tools service team have done a fantastic job of installing a new Kafo KMC-3127 double column machining centre with fully programmable 90 degree head into a new customer this week.
The machine has gone into a customer whose business it to build machines themselves and when looking for a machining centre, recognised the quality and capability of the Kafo and made the decision to place their trust in TDT.
The customer also looked into all the workholding options available and saw the benefit of modernising their current method to magnetic clamping. Tecnomagnete was selected for its price and technical solution offered by application engineers during customer visits from Tecnomagnete.
Training and component prove out will commence next week where we will also be testing out the Tecnomagnete workholding.

More engineers are choosing the fully programmable head over the manual version. The benefits compare to a manual pay for themselves in a short period if you have to keep setting the head for each operation. Five sided machining is made simpler and just a few seconds to change to any angle in 5 degree increments. 0.001 degree is possible if using the Kessler Head.


Kafo Tecnomagnete KMC TDT CNC Double column

Kafo Programmable Automatic Head

The automatic head also allows for automatic tool changing in vertical or horizontal plane.

The head on the KMC range also automatically loads and unloads onto the ram when its required saving 20 minutes of manual unloading of the head.

Kafo offer the BMC range of machines for manual loading and unloading for the head, tools (into the head) and manual positioning the angle required off a vernier scale.

Kafo have recently renamed the KMC range to RV, this machine is now the RV-3127 on our website and brochure.

For more information on the Kafo range, CLICK HERE to download brochure or CONTACT US

Kafo Tecnomagnete KMC TDT CNC Double column

Kafo and Tecnomagnete MillTec Magnetic Workholding