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You Ji Factory Taiwan

TDT are proud to introduce You Ji Machine Tools, with over 40 years experience in machine tool manufacture.

You Ji has earned its reputation from building many one-of-a-kind, heavy-duty, highly-rigid vertical turning lathes in the world. You Ji specializes in making large VTLs that have turning heights up to 6m and table sizes up to 8m.

You Ji was established in Taiwan in 1977 and developed their first mid-sized CNC vertical lathe in 1991.  Soon they began exporting to global markets, expanded their operations, and partnered with distributors in the United States.  In the early 2000s, the company’s vertical lathes and vertical boring mills gained popularity for their value as compared to higher-priced models from Japan, while their accuracy allowed them to be used for precision work in the aircraft and military sectors.  YouJi expanded its production capacity in 2012 to meet increased demand, and continues to develop innovative products today

You Ji is now considered a world-leading builder of large custom VTL machines.