New Guarding on You Ji VTLs for 2021

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You Ji have been working hard to update their guarding across the whole machine range with the VTLs now getting their makeover. On large vertical lathes, this isn’t a 5 minute job on a CAD system. A lot of R&D has to go into new guarding with emphasis on safety, accessibility and of course, completely leak-proof.


I hope you agree, the new guarding brings the You Ji aesthetics into the 21st Century and of course, under the new guarding, the heavy powerful, heavy duty design doesn’t change, tweaks here and there to continuously improve on near perfection.


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You Ji VTL new guarding

The model shown is the You Ji VTL1600ATC+C, one of the most popular models selling over 100 per annum of this one variant alone.


You Ji VTL new guarding3


You Ji VTL new guarding2