IMT Intermato WR3-T2 Vertical Lathe, Twin Spindle and Automation – Video

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The IMT WR3-T2 brings the most modern technology of vertical self loading production lathes. Flexibility for loading/unloading system, the reactivity and the short strokes always in work, the reduction of idle time, makes this machine the most appropriate for production, from big to very small batches. The clamping device are standard, without needs of special jaws to guarantee the planarity, without problems changing tools or fixtures.


The loading/unloading system is made up of two small handling arms working as a robot, keeping the working area always free from problems and having inside the flexibility like any standard robot you can find in the market. Also the conveyors for part can be absolutely independent from the machine and can be set up in line, connecting several machines for several operations. The loading arms, got inside a flip over system to turn the parts before or after machining, without special devices.