The Algra TEST RAPID quick change tool holder is the most versatile driven toolholding system for any CNC machining operation utilising a round shank cutting tool in a machining or turning centre. This includes drilling, milling, tapping, reaming and boring. TEST RAPID collets are available in the following series ranges to maximise efficiency in most applications:


  • ER16 Collet
  • ER20 Collet
  • ER25 Collet
  • ER32 Collet
  • ER40 Collet


The TEST RAPID quick change tool holder system by Algra is a modular toolholder system for the adaption of toolholders in a spindle unit and is the only popular collet holders system in which all components (chuck, collets and clamping nut) are standardised by DIN 6499 designation. By adapting this quick change tool post configuration into the TEST RAPID design, end-users can have a modular collet chuck system that does not require the use of modular adaptors. Therefore, in efforts to increase accuracy, rigidity and performance, using TEST RAPID adaptors in your machine setup is a clear choice over standard ER Collets.

The modular quick change tool holder opens new dimensions with precision, flexibility and economy. Its interface is based on the well known and universally used ER Collet pocket configuration. The conical and flat face planar interface ensures the highest accuracy and rigidity. Collets, endmill holders, expanding collet chucks and shrink fit tooling, to name just a few of the most important applications, can all be mounted on a single base holder. Replacing pre-set tools can reduce unproductive machine downtime to almost zero and tooling adapters may also be interchanged among fixed and rotary base holders.

How good is TEST RAPID?

The compact design of TEST RAPID assures maximum torque transmission and rigidity, resulting in increased machining accuracy and consequently improved productivity with unsurpassed highly precise repeatability. Every collet holder has repeatability within 10 microns and in most cases under five microns, many other quick change tool holder systems cannot achieve this due to their inaccurate interfaces. The Algra TEST RAPID modular system adds a new dimension to high precision flexibility.

Save even more time by having pre-set tools ready & waiting by the machine.

By using pre-set tool heads and with the TEST RAPID rapid-clamp device, experienced users frequently exchange tools within a just a few seconds… No multiple screws to find and no realignment of tool holders or spindle units… Just quick, safe and simple.

  • Quickly change cutting tools with only one clamping point
  • Reduced risk of injury when changing tools
  • Clamping of the inserts without any radial force
  • Safe torque transmission
  • No loose parts

If you are currently using any of the following quick change tool holder systems; MODIFIX, PRECI-FLEX, VARIA or HEIMATEC why not give us a call today…

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