Subcon, Engineer Expo and Advanced Manufacturing Show


June 4-6th the 43rd SUBCON exhibition will take place at the NEC, Birmingham together with Engineer Expo and Advanced Manufacturing Show.

British manufacturing is still undergoing a resurgence with ever increasing sourcing of parts and components from the UK than the 80’s & 90’s when work was disappearing abroad.

The cost savings in having components manufactured abroad are decreasing year on year. New projects are staying in the UK and work which went abroad years ago is returning as the commercial benefits no longer outweigh the more practical benefits of producing and stocking parts in the UK.

The UK also has a reputation for high quality engineering for example, motorsport, medical, aerospace and the more complex parts used in the Oil and Gas industry being produced in the UK. These are just a few sectors where UK plc shows the rest of the world how its done. Despite UK manufacturing dominance, over 20 different countries will be represented at SUBCON 2019 highlighting how competitive we still have to be. Investing in the right equipment to reduce lead times and production costs is one of the best ways to ensure the work stays with you and doesn’t disappear to a competitor who has kept up to date with the latest production methods.

SUBCON 2019 is a showcase for UK Subcontract Manufacturing, with many of the traditional industries represented, a supplier for your out sourced manufacturing can be found, interesting to see the rapid rise in companies offering 3D printing/additive manufacturing. Again, UK subcontractors embracing and investing in new technology  to stay ahead of the game.

Although not a show for machine tool suppliers, TDT machine tools were present at the exhibition in partnership with Machinery Market, taking the opportunity to promote TDT and Kafo double column machining centres on the front of the Machinery Market show edition.

TDT Subcon Machinery market 1

TDT Subcon Machinery market 2

Machinery Market

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