Rail Wheel Turning Booming for You Ji

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You Ji, Taiwan’s largest and leading vertical lathe manufacturer has seen a massive increase in sales and installations in the Railway Wheel Turning market during the last twelve months.

During the pandemic the usually buoyant Oil and Gas and aero engine customer base has seen a large downturn in sales and enquiries. This has however been replaced in sales in the mass transit, railway and tram systems worldwide, with recent sales to Far East and a large European metropolitan city transit system.

YOU  JI have been supplying standalone CNC Vertical lathes and fully automated systems to this sector for many years and has vast experience in the production of railway wheels. The You Ji YV-1200ATC and 1600ATC has become the machine of choice for rail wheel turning with over 50 machines sold over the last few years into China, Taiwan, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, USA and more.

Machines such as the heavy duty VTL 1200 ATC and VTL 1600 are ideally sized for standard gauge rolling stock and the smaller VTL 800 is frequently specified for tramway systems.

Watch the video below for an impressive 11mm deep cut at 0.5mm per rev turning of a rail wheel.

For more information on the You Ji range of machines supplied by TDT Machine Tools in the UK go to www.tdt-machinetools.co.uk or call us on 01788 570411


You Ji VTL-1200

You Ji VTL-1200


You Ji Factory Taiwan_2

You Ji Factory Taiwan