Puwer 98 compliant safety screens for COVID-19 / Coronavirus protection


For over 50 years. Repar2 have been manufacturing and engineering safety guards in their state of the art factory in Gorla Minore, Italy.

TDT Machine Tools has been working with Repar2 for over 15 years to supply one-stop-shop machinery safety solutions to PUWER 1998 regulations.

Repar2 and TDT have put this experience to good use in designing a quick and simple yet rigid and safe containment screens to protect staff, public or any visitor from coming into close contact with other people.

We will be social distances for a long time to come and we need employees to feel safe to come to work and for visitors to enter the premises.


COVID Protection Screen PMA

COVID Protection Corner Screen PMA


Repar2 offer a modular system of floor mounted screens for the office or shop floor using 4mm Lexan poly panels for excellent clarity and safety.


Covid protection Screen PM2 Dimensions

Covid protection Screen PM2


Covid protection Screen PM1 Dimensions

Covid protection Screen PM1 Dimensions


These floor mounted screens can be built up to protect all types and sizes of workspaces.


Covid protection shop floor milling

Covid Protection – Shop floor milling

Click here for more information on the shop floor system


Office - Covid

Covid Protection – Office

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The corner safety screen system PMA H1900 comes as a ready to assemble kit to the dimensions below.

Covid protection Screen Corner PMA Dimensions 2

Covid protection Screen Corner PMA Dimensions 2


Repar2 also offer a simple solution for desk mounted poly-carbonate screens.

Desk Screen with cutout

Desk Screen with cutout

Click here for more information on the desk screens.

These screens are available with and without the cut-out.



In the event that you need a bespoke containment system, please contact us as and we can design and build a system to your own specification.

For more information go to contact us at TDT

To purchase online go to elitehygiene.co.uk

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