New Feeler VMP-30A for the showroom

feeler cnc tdt vmc

Weighing in at just 3,300kg we have a new arrival at the TDT showroom.

The Feeler VMP-30A vertical machining centre, small footprint, high specification, low price.


Axis Stroke: X 760mm, Y 420mm, Z 510mm

Axis max Rapid/feed rates:   36m/min – 10m/min

Table Dimensions:  890mm x 420mm

Max Spindle RPM  10,000RPM

Automatic Tool Change High speed twin arm cam type


Another Feeler VMP-40A on its way to a customer today, making a space in the showroom for the VMP-30A

For more information on any of the Feeler machines please get in touch by phone or the contact us page. 

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