Machine Workplace Perimeter Safety

  • Fully compliant with UK PUWER 1998 Regulations
  • Multiple functions
  • Range of designs

TDT Machine Tools provides a selection of workplace perimeter safety screens and barriers to suit all industrial needs for employee safety whilst complying with health and safety regulations including the UK PUWER 1998 Regulations for machinery safety. A modular perimeter guarding system is available and TDT can also design any size and shape of bespoke perimeter fencing to your own specification.

The Need for Perimeter Guarding

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act over 25 years ago and more recently PUWER 1998, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, there will be few operators of machinery who are ignorant of the need to guard machinery properly.

Workplace safety guards often perform multiple functions, including ensuring employee safety by protecting operators and maintenance personnel from mechanical hazards, ejected parts, harmful fluids, radiation and even noise. The quality of the guard design can significantly affect not only the level of protection offered, but also the productivity of the machinery; badly designed or inappropriate perimeter guards will invariably affect output.

All new machinery sold in Europe must carry a CE mark. For this, the machine must be fitted with guarding that complies with the new harmonised standards that cover the design of guards, safety distances, electrical interlocks and other factors that influence machinery safety. All existing machinery must undergo a health and safety risk assessment and, where necessary, the guarding must be upgraded to eliminate or reduce the workplace hazards identified.

Modular Perimeter Guarding

Workplace safety perimeter guarding

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Standard workplace safety perimeter guarding, made by Repar2, is available with a range of standard height and width dimensions and with simple and safe mounting systems. The panels may have any combination of the following finish options:

  • Metal screened mesh
  • Key-pattern pressed steel-sheets
  • Transparent Polycarbonate material

Modular systems will cater for most perimeter guarding applications and are designed so the guarding system can be added to, amended, re-positioned and even re-used.

In the event that you need a bespoke perimeter barrier system that is not listed here, please Contact Us as soon as possible and we can design and build a workplace safety system to your own specification.

Product Specification

For dimensions please refer to the PDF Catalogue.