Looking to replace your Webster & Bennett? TDT have VTLs on short delivery


For decades, if you were looking for large capacity vertical boring or turning. Webster & Bennett was the machine to have in your machine shop.

In fact, Webster & Bennett was to vertical turning as Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. There are many 30 & 40 year old machines still in use with machines from the 50’s and 60’s still producing, there is a healthy used market with reconditioned Webster & Bennetts regularly changing hands.

The 48″ machine was the most widely used model and machine shops today still see the 1,000mm and 1,200mm dia vertical borer/lathe as the most desired capacity.

TDT specialise in large capacity machines and have an unrivalled range of vertical lathes and borers from 3 manufacturers, covering diameters from 800mm to 8,000mm with single and double rams, moving crossrails, tool changing spindles with up to 60 tools.

Recognising the popularity of the 1,000mm and 1,200mm dia machine, they are normally in the build program to ensure a quick delivery. With minor alterations to the options or main specification, TDT can put a machine in a UK customers workshop in 12-16 weeks, machines built to order, 22 weeks.

Get in touch with TDT, give us a brief specification requirement and we will quote you the most suitable machine.




Webster & Bennett vertical borer lathe

ITM VTL Vertical boring