High speed blocking up of faces. Duplex Milling by You Ji (DSM Series)


You Ji’s DSM heavy duty duplex milling machine series was designed specifically for production squaring and chamfering of square and rectangular blocks.  The machine features a unique design with a heavy one piece cast iron base.  The machine frame is designed using Finite Element Analysis to ensure overall rigidity and minimise thermal displacement.  This machine has been designed for heavy duty machining requirements along with high accuracy and high throughput.


You Ji DSM 480 blocking up duplex milling

You Ji DSM 480 blocking up duplex milling


You Ji DSM 1200 blocking up duplex milling

You Ji DSM 1200 blocking up duplex milling

You Ji DSM Benefits


Watch the video below to see the DSM machine in action.

High performance comes with the use of a rigid rotary table and robust milling heads.  Each milling head moves independently in Z on rigid box ways.  The rotary table moves in the X axis on roller type linear ways.  The rigid indexing rotary table indexes every 45° and clamps via hirth coupling for ultimate rigidity.

The milling heads feature high horsepower, low RPM, large diameter spindles that produce high torque at low RPM to run large diameter cutters.  Each spindle is powered by a 20HP or 30HP motor (depending on model) with a variable speed range.  Spindle taper is the rigid #50 or #60 taper equivalent depending on machine model.

You Ji DSM BenefitsOperation of the machine is semi-automatic.  The work-piece is shuttled into the machine manually.  At that point, the part is automatically centred and clamped to the rotary table via hydraulic cylinders.  The hydraulic cylinder applies pressure in 3 steps vertically to the work-piece.  The first pressure stage is to lightly hold the part down while is centred.   The high pressure stage provides maximum clamping force and minimises chatter.  To ensure that the operator has entered the correct data in the control, the work-piece probe verifies the raw material size and can also provide rapid first part inspection.  The upper and lower fixtures to hold the work-piece are quick-change and modular.  The machine comes with 10 sets of clamping fixtures in a variety of sizes and shapes tailored to the customer’s work.


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DSM 480 blocking duplex milling

You Ji DSM 480 blocking duplex milling


DSM blocking duplex milling

You Ji DSM 1200 blocking duplex milling