Going to EMO, Hannover?


Visiting EMO 2019 this year, why not pop onto the Kafo stand and see what all the fuss is about. Kafo is going from strength to strength in the UK with three new double column machines due for install in September & October. TDT and Kafo are proud we are the only company who actively encourage customer to seriously consider the programmable heads, right angle or universal. These heads are BT50 heavy duty gearbox driven spindles. Rigidity is Kafos main design criteria of all their machines. If you need to shift metal quickly with 3 axis or 5 axis, a Kafo will give you all the horsepower you need without compromising surface finish or accuracy.


If the machines aren’t already sold, there’s always a deal to be done on the show machines, get in touch if you’re looking for double column or 5 axis machines.


Kafo are taking three machines to EMO 2019, the KFO-620-5AX machining centre………


KFO 620 5AX 5 Axis machining centre


…the Kafo PV-68


Kafo TIMTOS 2019 TDT


……and the Kafo BMC-3012


Kafo BMC-3012 double column


Established in 1969, KAFO (KAO FONG MACHINERY CO., LTD) keeps growth step by step along with the development of machinery industry in Taiwan based on its solid foundation of superior technology. It is not accidental that it becomes the leading brand of mould processing industry as well as faithful business partner. The key to KAFO’s success is intensifying the know-hows, continuously improving manufacturing process, focusing on the upgrading core competency of technology and sticking to perfection. Besides, the Company has obtained the national certified endorsement, which is rated as the benchmark of the industry.

So far KAFO has accumulated its steady technological capabilities and experiences for nearly 50 years and successfully developed stable sales performances in the 8 series products of Vertical Machining Centre, Double-Column Machining Centre, Horizontal Machining Centre, High Speed Double-Column Machining Centre, Gantry Double-Column Machining Centre and Drilling & Tapping Centre, facilitating us in expanding global layout centred in Taiwan.

For more information on the Kafo range from TDT click here