Fidia, the Ferrari of 5 Axis CNC

fidia 5 axis cnc openhouse

TDT Machine Tools along with a number of UK customers attended last week’s FIDIA Open House exhibition.

The Open House was scheduled to occur after the official opening of FIDIA’s new machine tool assembly in Forli, Italy.

The exhibition was well attended with customers travelling from mainland Europe, the UK, USA and as far afield as China and the Far East.


FIDIA were able to demonstrate their complete range of 5 Axis medium to large capacity CNC machine tools.

This included 2 Large GTF/R machines sold to SKODA AUTO

These massive machines with 7.6m X axis Travel and 4.0m Y Axis show cased fully automatic head changing.

This feature allows the customer to exchange a mechanically driven spindle head (3000 RPM, 75kW)  for rough machining for a high speed electrospindle head (24000RPM, 45kW) for semi finishing and finishing.

SKODA will use the machine to produce complex tooling for body and floor panels for the complete VW vehicle range.

Also on show was a pair of GTF machines sold to a German customer for producing injection mould tools.

The FIDIA machines represent the highest specification in technology in large capacity 5 Axis machining.

Fidia cnc 5 axis

Also on show was FIDIA’s ViMill anti collision option.

This software option runs both in real-time (automatic program run) and uniquely in manual and setting mode. The software prevents collision between the machine tool, cutting tools and holders and workpiece thus preventing potential damage, time consuming complex repairs and ultimately expensive costs.

fidia cnc 5 axis

FIDIA are represented here in the UK and Ireland by TDT Machine Tools, based in Rugby Warwickshire.

For further details on how FIDIA and TDT can improve your 5 Axis machining in terms of speed and accuracy, contact us.

See all Fidia products here


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