Portal Machining Centres

  • Hydrostatic preloaded ways on the X, Y, Z and W axes
  • Available in movable gantry (GT) & movable table (TT) configurations
  • Comprehensive range of tool magazine options (80 to 120 tools)

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Portal Machining Centres

PAMA Vertiram HP

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PAMA’s Vertiram HP range of Portal Machining Centres is available in movable gantry (GT) and movable table (TT) configurations. Both models can be provided with fixed or movable crossrail. The table type portal machining centres can be provided with different solutions for the automatic pallet changer (optional), using PAMA’s experience in heavy load pallet changers from the Speedram and Speedmat machines.

The Vertiram HP range of portal machining centres benefits further from the hydrostatic preloaded ways on the X, Y, Z and W axes which means:

  • No friction: Small forces required to move heavy masses (energy saving)
  • No stick-slip: Higher positioning accuracy and smoother traverse movement
  • No metal contact: No ‘wear and tear’ means longer lasting machine accuracy
  • High damping: For better finishing, higher cutting capacity constant pressure with Ø1mm
  • Capillaries: No adjustment required during the life of the machine
  • Oil temperature: Linked to machine structures’ temperature enabling constant geometry