Since 1926, PAMA has had an enviable reputation for the technological excellence of its CNC machine tools. Today PAMA is leading the world in the manufacture of Large Capacity, Heavy Duty Milling & Boring Machines, which benefit from hydrostatic technology and are capable of machining components of up to 600 tonnes in weight.

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Boring & Milling Machines

  • Large capacity, heavy duty Boring and Milling Machines
  • Monolithic cast iron headstock with hydrostatic support on all sides
  • Hydrostatic technology guarantees maximum accuracy and performance
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Gantry Type Vertical Machining Centres

  • Suitable for the machining of large and heavy prismatic components
  • Designed to perform heavy cutting on iron, steel & titanium alloys
  • Superior machining accuracy, optimal spindle speeds & axes feed rates
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Horizontal Milling Machines

  • Universal milling head that is automatically interchangeable
  • High speed traverse rate on linear axes of up to 40 metres per minute
  • Real-time CNC compensation of ram expansion and/or contraction
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Portal Machining Centres

  • Hydrostatic preloaded ways on the X, Y, Z and W axes
  • Available in movable gantry (GT) & movable table (TT) configurations
  • Comprehensive range of tool magazine options (80 to 120 tools)
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