T Series

  • 5 Axis Milling Center Series
  • Productive, reliable, easy to use
  • Greater axis squareness, speed and positioning accuracy

Multiax, manufacturer of high-tech and reliable CNC solutions, has been developing a well referenced 5 Axis Milling Center Series particularly fit for fast and accurate machining of complex 3D surfaces, very common in the composites industry.

The T Series has been studied to be productive, reliable, easy to use, to meet most recent customer expectations, also in terms of safety. This is possible thanks to the rigid construction frame, the large pitch between the guides and the mechanical components which lead to greater axis squareness, speed and positioning accuracy.

The mechanical structure has been dimensioned and tested with Finite Element Analysis software to simulate extreme stress and heavy usage and check the base sturdiness.The machines of the T Series comes in different work cube sizes and the high frequency liquid-cooled spindle has been designed to be versatile and capable of articulating all around and under complex 3D forms.

T Series

Accurate Machining

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The T-Series is widely used for CNC milling moulds or for the typical machining operations in automotive, marine, aerospace industries, sport items. Other applications are CNC cutting, grooving, tapping of moulded fibreglass or other FRPs, carbonfiber, sandwich materials, thermoformed, or ABS, acrylics, moulds for casting. Multiax is well prepared to install the Machining Centers and supply all the necessary training to use the machine with the requested production software. Multiax’s objective is to ensure customers operate highly efficient and reliable procedures.

Product Specification

Stroke x axis (mm) 3600, 4800, 6000
Stroke y axis (mm) 1800, 2600
Stroke z axis (mm) 1200
A axis ± 120°
C axis ± 270° / ± 365°
Speed (m/min.) 84 (X/Y), 40 (Z), 40 rpm (A, C)
Tables metal grid

Single table, indipendent areas, for loading / downloading inside the enclosure. It is also available a movable panel to separate the working area from the open area.

Twin table, for loading / unloading outside the enclosure.

Revolver type table, for loading / unloading outside the enclosure.


10/12 kW (S1 / S6) or
15/18 kW (S1 / S6)
24.000 rpm, HSK F 63


The machine is predisposed for:

• oil-mist unit
• touch probe
• laser scanner to import 3D surface
• bellow for guide protection

Automatic Tool Changer

The machine is predisposed for:

• 8/16 tools pressurized
• angular head
• extra magazine

Dust estraction and scraps conveiros

The machine is predisposed for:

 • full enclosure with roof
• dust estraction
• scraps estraction with conveyros
• manual drawers under working areas
• deionizer