L Series

  • Rigid and modular structure
  • Addressed to industries requiring large work envelopes
  • Open structure and low operative rail heights

Thanks to the constant investments to offer new solutions and the know-how developed with world-leading customers, Multiax supplies a series of CNC machining centers at the edge of technology to best perform different machining operations on large work envelopes.

The rigid and modular structure of the L series allows to machine at high speed, with a range of configurations that makes it precisely addressed to industries requiring large work envelopes (up to over 2 meters in Z, the bridge up to 9, the rails are theoretically unlimited), with powerful material removal capacity, and high accuracy and surface finish quality.

The open structure and low operative rail heights give the maximum accessibility (loading/unloading) either from the front or from the sides. Among the most common jobs there are milling resin plugs and moulds as well as trimming large composite, aluminum or invar components in the marine, automotive, wind energy, construction or aerospace industries.

L Series

Accurate Machining

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We have a great experience in integrating our CNC milling machines with extrusion machines to apply PU or Epoxy paste on model with the CNC milling head and mill the model itself when the material is cured.

We take care of analyzing with the customers all the side aspects related to the CNC manufacturing process, including:

  • Material flow in the CNC room (including clamping systems under the machine)
  • Referencing the fixtures and the workpieces
  • Tools and production accessories
  • Integrated dust / swarf extraction devices

Product Specification

The L series has been engineered to install:

  • Different heads and spindle motors: operative speeds up to 43,000rpm, power up to 28 kW, different torque curves and dimensions, depending on the material and customer specific necessities
  • CNCs and servo drives (standard Fanuc, Osai, others available on request)
  • Heavy Duty Tool Changers to support big tools and units; linear or rotary types, extra pick-up, custom solutions