A Series

  • The Hi-speed CNC machining centers for large work envelopes
  • Wide range of optional components
  • Ideal for wind energy, automotive, aerospace and marine industries

This massive suspended gantry 5-Axis CNC machine is ideal for machining large cubic size work pieces. Most common automated CNC operations include milling, cutting, drilling, countersinking, rivet and fasteners applications, etc.

The moving bridge structure with a wide range of optional components, allows the user to machine various sizes of large work pieces, while ensuring high cutting speeds, high precision and a smooth surface finish.

Different mechanical alternatives and component sizes are available to grant the requested tolerances and performances, over different materials and sector standards.


A Series

Pattern & Mold Makers

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Applications for this type of machine are typical of the wind energy, automotive, aerospace and marine industries or cross-sector model, pattern and mold makers.

Typical materials to be machined are: composite materials, resins, epoxies, tooling boards, FRP’s, aluminium and other non-ferrous alloys.

Product Specification

Stroke x axis (mm) 2.000-9.000
Stroke y axis (mm) No limits
Stroke z axis (mm) Up to 5.300 (standard or telescopic)

The A series has been engineered to install:

  • different heads and spindle motors: operative speeds up to 43.000 rpm, power up to 28 kW, different torque curves and dimensions, depending on the material and customer specific necessities
  • CNCs and servo drives (standard Fanuc, Osai, others available on request)
  • Heavy Duty Tool Changers to support big tools and units: linear or rotary types, extra pickup, custom solutions
  • Hybrid solutions for integrated operations (application of fasteners, rivets, resins, glue, etc.)

The Heavy Duty construction of the A series allow to integrate it with:

  • Vacuum, T-slot or cast steel tables
  • clamping devices either on the table or directly on the floor (in one or more independent areas)
  • effective head dust extraction systems
  •  toolsetters and touch probes
  • different tool cooling systems
  • bellows
  • laser scanners
  • VDO camera network (operational/safety)
  • other integrated solutions