WB24 Alloy Wheel Balancing Machines

  • Two axis vertical turning lathe (VTL) with an auxiliary “U” axis
  • Maximum Turning Diameter: 650mm
  • Unrivalled solution for balancing out-of-balance rotating workpieces

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IMT Intermato has more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of CNC machine tools for the specific purpose of machining alloy wheels. As a consequence, there are now thousands of IMT alloy wheel machines in automotive engineering production facilities throughout the world. The company’s philosophy of continual investment in research and technology has led to the development of the new WB24 Alloy Wheel Balancing Machines.

Alloy Wheel Balancing Machines

WB24 Line

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The WB24 Alloy Wheel Balancing Machines are configured as a two axis vertical turning lathe (VTL), with an auxiliary “U” axis, synchronised with the turning spindle in order to perform asymmetric profiles. Proven asymmetric turning capability is utilised, with dynamic and static balancing systems incorporated into the machine’s base thus creating a high speed detection system.

After the piece is properly loaded in to an appropriate chucking system, the turning spindle starts and the balancing detection system reads the unbalanced mass value and its angular position. The machining cycle starts and, by an asymmetric turning operation, the excess weight is removed so enabling the workpiece to respond and comply with the pre-programmed engineering specifications.

The WB24 Alloy Wheel Balancing Machines have been borne out of the increasingly stringent tolerance-reduction of vehicle manufacturers to produce improved quality alloy wheels for the automotive, passenger vehicle and transportation industries. Alloy wheel manufacturers gain huge benefits by reducing production reworks and waste. The combination of continual research, development and technology has allowed IMT Intermato to create a very unique machine for very demanding applications within the alloy wheel manufacturing industry.