RW Line of Alloy Wheel Turning Machines

  • New cross-rail design with roller bearing guides for faster operation
  • Lack of front doors allows for faster rotation of the pallet table
  • Big lateral doors allows for easy & safe access to the machining area

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IMT Intermato has more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of CNC machine tools for the specific purpose of machining alloy wheels. As a consequence, there are now thousands of IMT alloy wheel turning machines in automotive engineering production facilities throughout the world. The company’s philosophy of continual investment in research and technology has led to the development of the new RW Line of Alloy Wheel Turning Machines.

Alloy Wheel Turning Machines

RW Line

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IMT’s many innovative solutions have resulted in a significant improvement in feed rates with synchronous increased electro-spindle power, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration and a constantly cooling spindle reduces thermal deviation. The RW-T4 alloy wheel turning machines are no longer fitted with the previous central doors, thus allowing for faster rotation of the pallet table and also reducing maintenance times whilst increasing reliability.

The RW-T4 ‘without-pallet’ machine is the ideal alternative for larger and heavier wheels with increased quality and performance characteristics built-in. An increased production capability of up to 20% can be realised utilising this new generation of alloy wheel turning machines.