IMT Intermato manufactures state-of-the-art heavy duty vertical turning lathes suitable for large turning applications, whilst offering and ensuring the best levels of productivity and quality in the processing of large components. The NTM vertical turning lathe, with single column, and the VBM double column VTL feature a modular design capable of offering versions with one or two vertical carriages. The machines also feature tool magazines that are fully adapted to the specific needs of the end-user, and single or multiple-pallet automation systems.

NTM: Vertical Turning Lathes

The NTM range of vertical lathes is designed for the machining of medium-size components with heavy chip removal. The introduction of these highly innovative machines, capable of performing all the operations of turning and milling in a single set-up both vertically and horizontally, has ensured increased profitable production, reduced processing time and reduced costs.