JW Line of Alloy Wheel Turning Machines

  • Maximum Swing Diameter: 760mm
  • Lack of front doors allows for faster rotation of the pallet table
  • Big lateral doors allows for easy & safe access to the machining area

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IMT Intermato has more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of CNC machine tools for the specific purpose of machining alloy wheels. As a consequence, there are now thousands of IMT alloy wheel turning machines in automotive engineering production facilities throughout the world. The company’s philosophy of continual investment in research and technology has led to the development of the new JW Line of Alloy Wheel Turning Machines.

Alloy Wheel Turning Machines

JW Line

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The JW Line: Key Features

  • Reduction of the machining cycle times
  • Reduction of the maintenance interval schedule
  • Improvement of the machined wheel quality
  • Machining capacity for wheels up to 20” diameter or optionally 22”
  • Elimination of the front doors for faster rotation of the pallet table
  • 8-position turret with to reduce interference between boring bars and wheels
  • Basic motorisation of 40/60 kW or optionally of 60/75 kW
  • Movements on roller guides with rapid feeds of 30metres per minute
  • Thermal drift reduction
  • Protection guards redesign
  • Internal washing system redesign
  • Compact and more rational design of the plants
  • Optimised the access to the tools and control panel
  • Increased the general ergonomics of the machine
  • Compact design of the whole machine

The JW Line of Alloy Wheel Turning Machines can be built and configured with 2 and 4 axis capability, and with or without pallets, in order to satisfy the different engineering production needs and specifications of the customer. The machines are universally recognised throughout the industry as being the ‘go-to’ alloy wheel turning machines for high-quality, high-production, cost-effective and fully-automated production lines.