Computer Numerical Controls

  • The most powerful CNC for advanced multi-axis High Speed Machining
  • C40 Vision with built-in ViMill® real-time anti-collision software
  • Can be installed on a wide range of machine tools and retro-fitted

CNC Machine Tools

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Fidia controls have always been appreciated for their high-level performance and for the comprehensive range of features supplied as standard. The architecture of Fidia NCs, with two separate processors, takes full advantage of the power of the dedicated CPU for axis and PLC management, based on a RISC Power PC. The PC section manages the operator interface and in this way any programming or display task, even an onerous one, can be performed without interfering with the machining in progress.

Fidia c20 machine controls

C20 Computer Numerical Control

Equipped with a 19” LCD TFT Monitor

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The C Class numerical control line can be installed on a wide range of machine tools, from traditional milling and boring machines to machining centres, including the most complex high speed milling systems. The C Class products offer advanced features of functionality and flexibility to manage high levels of automation, from the simple pallet changer to the more complex FMS systems. A wide range of hardware and software solutions, combined with a linear and compact design, ensure a high-level performance for the milling of moulds and dies, prototype models, aeronautical and general mechanical components.

Product Specification

FIDIA C20 / POWER Digital Drives – Industrial Architecture
• WINDOWS 7 32 Bit Professional O.S.
• Intel i3 Core Processor  –  3,3 GHz Min, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HD
• 19” LCD TFT Graphic Monitor MDA, 4 x USB Ports
• DVD Read/Write Device, 100MB/s Ethernet TCP/IP
• Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Controller
• Motorola RISC Power PC, Axes Control CPU Digital Drives
• Fully Digital with 32-bit DSP Processing
• 90 Mbit/s FFB Proprietary Bus
• Sampling 8 kHz for Axis, 16 kHz for Spindle
• 64 Parameter Sets per Axis

Fidia C40 Vision

C40 Vision Computer Numerical Control

With ViMill® Real-Time Anti-Collision Software

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Today, the Fidia C40 Vision™ is the most powerful computer numerical control for advanced CNC high speed multi axis machining applications, especially requested for by the aerospace and automotive industries.

The new C40 Vision™ hardware and software components have the highest level of machining performance and accuracy in the mould & dies sector, prototype modelling environments and aerospace/aeronautical component manufacture.

The multi-processor architecture managing the user-interface, axis and tool path control and ViMill® real time anti-collision software, all work together with the new milling path control feature Velocity Five, which enables the fastest machining speeds with the best finished surface quality.

The innovative ViMill® software and C40 Vision concept provides for the safest milling conditions that are required on very complex parts machining. The software prevents any collision between tool, machine and the workpiece in real time during milling operations and in both Jog mode and part program execution mode.

Product Specification

Real-Time Rack Processor Intel Core i3
User Processor Intel Core i7
Interface Ports Serial/Parallel Port – Ethernet – USB Port
Graphic Board NVIDIA Quadro K600
User Operative System Windows® 7 – 64-bit Ultimate
Monitor 19” TFT Touch Screen