Founded in 1974, Italian based Fidia CNC Machine Tools is arguably the world’s leading manufacturer of 5 & 6 Axis High Speed Machining Centres and high performance milling machines. Fidia specialise in the supply of mould and die manufacturing CNC machine tools, with truly state-of-the-art numerical controls. Typical industries that are benefiting from Fidia multi axis high speed machining centres are aerospace, automotive and prototype modelling environments where speed and exceptional quality is critical.

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CNC Machine Tools

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5 Axis High Speed Machining Centres

  • Typical savings on complex 3D component machining times of 20 to 25%
  • Delivering exceptional cutting speeds of up to 22 metres per minute
  • Active ball screw cooling system for enhanced high-speed accuracy
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Gantry Type High Speed Machining Centres

  • High-performance machine tools for advanced engineering applications
  • Racks & pinions driven by double-motors to eliminate backlash
  • Rapid-change-system for heads and spindles for improved efficiencies
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4 & 5 Axis High Speed Machining Centres

  • HS664 – For small to medium-size components & short production runs
  • K-Series - For large plastic injection moulds and aeronautical parts
  • G-Series – Allows for 100% machining of small & medium-size workpieces
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5 & 6 Axis High Speed Machining Centres

  • Modular, flexible, accurate & precise 5 & 6 Axis High Speed Machining
  • Suitable for composites, carbon fibre, ceramics and austenitic alloys
  • Designed to machine highly complex aeronautical components
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5 Axis High Speed Universal Machining

  • Multi-sided, high-performance, high speed machining centres
  • High-end standard equipment guarantees outstanding accuracy
  • Sliding front & side doors with wide opening for easy loading of parts
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Computer Numerical Controls

  • The most powerful CNC for advanced multi-axis High Speed Machining
  • C40 Vision with built-in ViMill® real-time anti-collision software
  • Can be installed on a wide range of machine tools and retro-fitted
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