Since 1986, L.C.M. srl has been manufacturing mechanical tooling accessories for machine tool engineering environments and has grown a reputation for their commitment to quality, reliability and precision.

LCM is a market leader in manufacturing rotary tables for horizontal and vertical applications in EDM – Electric Discharge Machining, sometimes also referred to as spark machining.

TDT Machine Tools Ltd are an exclusive UK supplier for L.C.M their range of high-precision rotary indexing tables.

L.C.M. produces a wide range of CNC rotary tables with mechanical transmission featuring the innovative worm-gear system. This technology provides optimal rigidity and higher precision.

The unique combination of our precision rotary tables for EDM machines provides the capabilities to machine structures, complex shapes and contours which are impossible with conventional methods like turning, grinding or milling.

Our L.C.M rotary table ranges include TDE, BAS-V, BRC-T BSC, MTX and more.

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