Another successful Feeler CNC lathe installation.


A customer in the North West needed a lathe on immediate availability. After a demonstration of the Feeler FTC-20 CNC lathe at our Warwickshire showroom to show the machines cutting ability at low rev, large diameter, the machine was delivered/installed within the week.

The FTC-20 has a surprising amount of power for a small 8” chuck machine, 18.5kw (30min MTDR) is higher than most machines of this size which normally offer 11 or 15kw.

Most workshops, space is at a premium. The FTC-20 has a 2.6m x 1.5m space saving footprint, a lot of power and torque in a small space. The smaller FTC-10 takes up just 1.6m x 1.3m

With the usual accessories on these machines, parts catcher, probe, tailstock, tooling package, they represent great value and are in UK stock for quick delivery.

For more information on the Feeler FTC range, click FTC-10 or FTC-20, alternatively, CONTACT US