Since 1986 leading Italian Company L.C.M. srl has been manufacturing and distributing mechanical tooling accessories for machine tool engineering environments throughout the world and has built an enviable reputation for both product quality and customer service.

TDT Machine Tools Ltd has recently entered into an exclusive UK sales and service centre agreement with LCM srl to market and sell their range of high-precision rotary indexing tables for use as 4th and 5th axis systems on machining centres, EDM machines and CNC milling machines.

Elements of Construction

L.C.M. indexing and rotary tables are made from a special alloy having high mechanical strength and features higher than steel or cast iron. The table load is reduced, resulting in less wear and thermal expansion of machine tool ball screws. Features include:

  • Fully sealed sumps (covers) thanks to O-ring seals
  • Forced pressurisation system
  • Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Cemented and hardened disk

During assembly, all L.C.M. rotary tables undergo a 40 hour test run to ensure final production accuracy. Tables then have a pre-load applied and under-go a final test inspection. Our sophisticated range of CNC rotary tables are the number one choice for machine tool manufacturers and precision engineers throughout the UK and broadly fall into two categories; those with Torque Motor or Standard Motor tables with hydraulic clamping and those with Mechanical Transmission tables, the worm-gear system with either Pneumatic or Hydraulic clamping.

L.C.M. srl Rotary Tables: Product Lines

Ancillary Equipment

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Torque Motor System

  • High speed, zero backlash
  • High rotational speeds
  • Liquid cooling increases torque and reduce thermal expansion
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Mechanical Transmission Tables

  • Worm Gear System
  • Optimal rigidity
  • Higher precision
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LCM Rotary Tables for EDM Machines

  • Provides the capabilities to machine structures and complex shapes
  • Impossible with conventional methods like turning, grinding or milling
  • Vertical applications in EDM
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