TDT Machine Tools Ltd is the official UK & Ireland importer, sales distributer and service agent for a range of European machine-tool-sector related manufacturers producing some of the most technologically advanced products and systems in the world. One such technical partner being German based BRANKAMP, who have over three decades of experience of the manufacturing and production process monitoring industry.

Increased quality, better productivity and decreased costs – these are the main objectives of every state-of-the-art manufacturing process environment and process monitoring plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. Professor Dr Ing Klaus Brankamp launched this innovative technology thirty years ago, which above all facilitates optimised quality and an improved level of utilisation in the industrial manufacturing process sector.

Today Brankamp’s technology is recognised in every respect and over 50,000 Brankamp process monitoring applications are in use worldwide. Buzzwords such as “ghost shift”, “productivity increase”, “automation” and “quality” are inextricably linked with the name Brankamp in the metal processing industry.

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